Monday, 20 October 2008

Error changing SMTP settings in IIS Manager after configuring incoming email in the farm

Came across one of those bizarre scenarios where you apply a hotfix to resolve an issue and it causes a separate issue.

After configuring incoming mail settings on a MOSS farm I started to get an unspecified SMTP error when I tried changing SMTP settings from within IIS Manager. Further investigation revealed that the issue was caused by my applying the hotfix (KB946517) to resolve Event ID 6398, 7076 and 6432 errors.

The problem is described in detail here on the MSDN blog

and the subsequent Microsoft Knowledgebase article is here

A hotfix is now available from Microsoft which resolves this issue.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Clicking on a user clickable link does not redirect to the Person.aspx page but stays on the Userdisp.aspx page instead

I came across this problem recently where clicking on a user's clickable link, for example in the column "Modified By" took you to the userdisp.aspx page but instead of redirecting you to your MOSS profile page (person.aspx) which should happen if you are using MOSS as opposed to WSS 3.0 you are left at the userdisp.aspx page.

There are a number of thoughts on why this happens and each of these are published around the web ranging from the redirect getting confused by AAM settings to a bug where your portal FQDN and your MySites FQDN do not share the same root URL (e.g http://intranet/ and http://mysite/). I have tested this and found this problem does not occur if for example you have the following URL's http://intranet/ and http://intranet:8088/ being the MySite URL. This would seem to support the "Same Root URL" theory.

They way this was resolved by myself and my colleague Ajay Chauhan ( who was working on this particular project with me was to set up a Portal Site Connection on the Site Collection(s) that have this problem and the MySite host. Now this isn't ideal but we specified the name of the connection as a full stop to make it as inconspicuous as possible to users (as shown below). This full stop does appear in the breadcrumb trail on the top left hand of pages though.


Looking around I believe this may be resolved in SP2.

More details can be found in this blog by Larry Kuhn